History of Sytasia

Origins of Life-

Sytasia is a planet with two moons: The garden moon Tatsu and the lifeless moon Orana.

Life developed on Sytasia and Tatsu in tandem, however the civilized races on both planets were different from each other.

The Dragons and Dragonians lived in harmony on Tatsu, developing magic and technology and eventually the ability to traverse space. The beasts of Tatsu were reptilian and large in nature, akin to dinosaurs.

The peoples of Sytasia warred with each other- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Angels, Merfolk, Faries, Felidae, Demons, Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and Ogres vied for supremacy. The magic and technology on Sytasia was mostly developed towards tribal warfare. The nations that rose to power were soon torn down by their enemies.

The Dragon Empire-

The folk of Tatsu developed the ability to traverse the space between the moon and planet using a combination of magic and technology. One such method using pure magic was for a dragonian to ride on a dragon’s back and use magical telekinesis to breach the moon’s gravity and use additional magic to keep a bubble of air around them as they flew to the other planet.

Soon, the Dragons and Dragonians were journeying to Sytasia in droves. They had superior magic and technology to the other races and ruthlessly dominated and subjugated them. None could stand against the might of the dragons and their riders. Eventually the entire planet was under the rule of the Dragon Empire.

During the rule of the Dragon Empire, the creatures and people of Tatsu were brought to Sytasia, and vice-versa.

The Dragon Wars-

A thousand years of ruling the empire left the descendants of the Dragonians arrogant. In their arrogance, they attempted to subjugate the Dragons as well, disgracing them. That was a fatal mistake, as the Dragons had life spans long enough to remember living on Tatsu as well as Sytasia. They remembered the noble Dragonians of days long past, and they saw what had become of their fellow Tatsunian race. In response to the mistreatment of the Dragonians, the Dragons started a war that shook Sytasia and Tatsu to their cores.

The Dragon War was a bloody spectacle the likes of which had never been seen- dragons and space ships ripping each other apart in the void, armies and legions on both sides fighting to the last. Most of the dragons allied with the races enslaved by the dragonians, but some of them stayed with their reptilian kin.

By the end of the one hundred year war, both Sytasia and Tatsu were wreaked with destruction. Magic and Technology had regressed many years because so much knowledge was lost to the damage.

Post Dragon Wars (This Age)-

It has been two hundred years since the Dragon War. Civilization has started rebuilding itself, but mostly in pockets of isolated city-states and less in terms of developed nations. Magic and Technology have progressed but are still not at the levels achieved at the height of the Dragon Empire. There is still some travel between Sytasia and Tatsu, but it is limited.

History of Sytasia

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