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Sytasia: Chapter 1

Agatha, an elf woman with pointy ears, peach colored skin, long white hair and green eyes, sat in a burgundy robe on a plush burgundy chair, reading a book from behind half-circle spectacles. The store had many books in its shelves: many about magic, some about survival, some stories, some about artificing or engineering, perhaps the most books in one place for 50 miles…after all this was a backwater colony in The Badlands. And Agatha’s shop was a little down a dirt side road from the slightly wider dirt main road of the colony. Today was a day just like any other- boring, and that’s just the way she liked it. Peace and quiet compared to all the damnable politics.
The only bad thing that occasionally happened was some sort of beast would wander into town. That was how Agatha had earned her place among the commoners here- she had been viewed as an outsider before she “saved the colony” from an oversized insect. Agatha still chuckled when she thought about it. And now the relationship was as follows- Agatha rarely, if ever, had any customers, and that she didn’t mind. But unlike before if she made a trip down the main street to get supplies there wouldn’t be ominous looks and whispering following her path…
As you may have gathered, in many respects, Agatha was not what she appeared, and that may have been in part due to her nature since she was a natural Illusionist. That and she was pretty damned good artificer, as indicated by the non-literature inventory: baubles that could light up if you shook them, music boxes, smoke bombs, toys that could fly or dance, and a hundred others. Agatha appeared somewhat younger than she really was, and there was a bit of a glow about her, a small charm she used on herself, but her hair color was likely natural. Still, her appearance had gained her some attention in the past, much to her inward giggling at her foolish pursuers.
A cup of tea floated to Agatha’s desk, spilling over just a bit as it set down on a coaster. “Ugh, look what you did!” Agatha said, halfheartedly pretending to be irritated.
“Oh, did I spill some?” Trisha shrugged as she orchestrated a broom to sweep the floor and a feather duster on the shelves. “And just when I thought I could control three things at once…”
Agatha held her book up to her face to hide her smile. That child is a damned prodigy.

After the encounter with the creature, a few days later Agatha heard the bell to her shop ring as someone walked in. No one ever walked in, so this was sort of a surprise. It was a human mother and her daughter, by the look of things. Both of them were looking around the store wide eyed- the older one with fear but the younger one with a sense of wonder.
“May I help you?” Agatha said, trying to be polite.
It took the mother a minute to collect herself. “Yes, well, maybe…”
Agatha waited, patiently.
“You see, my niece…she can do things…magic things. Nobody in our family is like that. I thought that…well I heard what you did for the colony the other day…and I thought you might help?”
Aunt, not mother…
Agatha raised one eyebrow and looked at the child, eyes full of wonder. It took her back to her childhood a bit to see that innocent curiosity about the world. She walked over to the child, who must have been ten years old.
Agatha said, kindly “Can you show me?”
The little girl took out a small red ball and stared at it. It lifted and pushed itself into Agatha’s hand. Ah, a Telekinetic.
“You want me to teach her?”
“Yes, I think so. So she can control it.”
Oh, she’ll MORE than control it.
“In return…” Agatha said, looking at the child. “You have to cook and clean for me.”
The child just grinned, struck out her hand, and said “Okay!”
I already like this one.
The aunt hesitated “I’m not sure-”
Agatha got up and swept the aunt out of the building in a torrent of speech “Yes, well that’s all fine and good. Very nice. A deal is a deal you know, I’ll send her home or you can pick her up at sunset. She’s safe with me. Good day!”
Agatha shut the door on a “But-” and turned around. “So, what is your name?”
Pretty name…now to test her resolve. “I am Agatha. And this is Broom. Get a sweepin’!”

Presently, a broom floated by, sweeping up against the inevitable tide of brown badlands dust. Trisha, the 14 year old girl with shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a genuine smile bobbed past, telekinetically controlling the broom and a feather duster on the shelf simultaneously. Agatha smiled wistfully She sees right through my old tricks…but it’s still fun to try and make her feel guilty now and then.

Sytasia: Chapter 2

Vance kicked his hoverbike into park and idled levitating on top of the dune. His dark grey cloak billowed a bit in the wind. There, almost buried by sand and dust something metal was glinting a few yards away. He hesitated…normally he could sense it when things weren’t right and he had this feeling like an itch on his neck…
Four Insectoid creatures burst from the sand, each about the size of a horse, but they had the shape of large dark brown beetles, with pincer mouths and claws. Vance wasted no time shifting his bike into drive and rushing past them, and he narrowly avoided a razer-sharp chitinous blade arm as he did. They scuttled after him, surprisingly fast on the sand. Vance used his mirror and put his arm back and fired his laser pistol at them. Miss. Miss… Hit! One of them fell to the sand writhing in its death throes. The other three kept hot on the pursuit. Shit, clifftop ahead! He veered his hoverbike left and the insectoids gained ground on him, but not before he gunned another down. Vance was about to use his mirror to shoot another one but he saw the one in front take a great leap into the air. His heart pounding, Vance turned around and aimed his pistol up at the giant beetle eclipsing the sun, just about to land on him… bang!
Vance turned back around to steer but too late- he hit the brake, but still his bike slammed into a small wall and sent him careening forward into the sand. He rolled over a few times and blacked out for just a second… Get up! Vance rolled out of the way of an insectoid blade arm and got to his feet. His cloak was tattered now, and the hood had fallen back to reveal dark skin, a head of buzzed hair, and glowing blue eyes. Focus. He channeled his magical energy into his body mechanics. He moved faster than a human ought to be able and reached for his blaster to find an empty holster…Damn! Okay, guess I don’t have a choice… A blade unsheathed itself from under his cloak and protruded from his left arm. “Come on fucker, show me what you’re made of!”
The beetle made a clicking screech and charged at him. Vance, using Body Magic, matched its speed, blocking the flurry of the beast’s four blade’s blows with his single one, but at a point left his left arm was extended too far forward, exposed and the beetle tried to attack it. Clang! Its claw hit metal instead of flesh. Ha! Got you! Vance charged his blade into its abdomen and then slashed upward, cutting it in half. Bright green goo oozed out from the wound, and it gave muffled gurgling screeches as it died. “That arm’s already been taken, unfortunately for you…”
Luckily the bike was mostly fine, the damned thing was resilient… Unfortunately the beetle corpses were worthless- no good meat or hide on ‘em. Then Vance remembered the glinting metal from before…
He dug the small metal box out of the sand and tried to open it. _’_ Locked…Guess I’m gonna stop by Agatha’s…
The sun was starting to go down, and Vance rode off on his hoverbike over the dunes of the Badlands.

Sytasia: Chapter 3

Agatha heard that damned hoverbike arrive outside her shop again.

“Vance!” Trisha exclaimed and bounded out the door, dropping the books she was reorganizing using levitation.

I know he means well…but I can’t stand that he interrupts Trisha’s studies…or I’m just jealous of the attention… Agatha sighed and smiled. “Guess I really do care about her.” She got up and stretched Still spry for an old lady… before pacing towards the door after Trisha. She didn’t get there before Vance walked in with Trisha giggling and bounding in tow.

“Well shit! What’s that green shit you’re covered in? You’re going to get it all over my shop you damn fool!”

Vance ignored her protests and held out a metal lockbox. “Found this in the desert, can’t get it open.”

Agatha narrowed her eyes, looked him, then the box, then back to him. “Found it in the desert, you say?”

“Yup…Hey don’t look at me like that! I’ve been on hard times and you know I don’t steal.”

Agatha swiped the box from his hand and grumbled up a storm under her breath as she went to her artificing workbench. “…Green shit all over my house…Bother us at night…” Before she started she turned to Vance “I get half of whatever’s inside, ya hear?” Vance nodded. Agatha continued grumbling, less because she was genuinely agitated and more because she liked to agitate Vance “Damn thing could be booby-trapped…Swear if I die opening this thing I’ll kill him…” Finally the box clicked open. Vance and Trisha crowded around the desk to either side of Agatha, and the contents glowed at them so their faces lit up.

Inside were three energy crystals: one red, one blue, and one green. And a few gold coins. There was also a book underneath them…

Agatha: “Well, you said I get half, so I’ll take two of those crystals. You can keep the book and one of them.”

Vance: “The crystals are clearly worth more than the book… Trisha should get one of them. That way we each get one.”

Agatha: Damn. That’s what I was going to do… “Fine. I was gonna give one to her anyway.”

Trisha took the green one. “Ooo, I like it.” She said, smiling, holding the pretty green jewel in her fingers so it caught the light. It was a hexagonal prism, twice as long as wide, the size of a cork.

Wordlessly, Vance took the blue, which was shorter and wider than the green, turned it over in his hand for a quick look, and pocketed it.

Agatha took the red, which was in the shape of a triangular prism, and inspected it closely under her glasses before closing it in her fist.

Vance picked up the book and started flipping through it. Trisha asked Agatha to make a necklace to hold her new Magic Crystal, and Agatha obliged, quickly making necklaces for them both with gold colored chains. Vance requested the same, but with a silver colored chain. Meanwhile Trisha whipped up dinner: chicken stew and dumplings.

“Will you get your nose out of that book at the dinner table?” Agatha complained at Vance.

Vance sighed and marked his place before putting it down.

“What is it?” Trisha asked.

V: “A diary.”
T: “You shouldn’t be reading someone else’s diary!”
V: “Even if they’re dead?”
T: “We don’t even know if they’re dead.”
V: “Oh, I bet he is… listen to this.” He picked it up and started reading from it..

Sytasia: Chapter 4

“Terrance, the old firemage from down the way hasn’t been heard from in over a week. People are starting to get worried, so I went up to check on him. His front door was broken in, and there were scorch marks. Looks like there was some kind of struggle… Some days being sheriff is a bad day… Nothing in the crime scene is compelling evidence as to who did it…could have just been a damn Insectoid.”

“Just woke up, can’t go back to sleep. Thought about it more. Definitely not an insectoid. It would have been messier. There wasn’t any blood anywhere, and no body. Plus it looks like somebody put out a fire that must have been started when Terrance cast a spell…”

“Asked around town today, sounds like somebody thought they heard something drive through about a week ago, but they thought not much of it…
I’m not sure about motive here. Terrance was not a rich man, what money he had wasn’t stolen, and he wasn’t the type to have a lot of enemies… Why would someone drive all the way here just to take him out? It doesn’t make sense…”

“Woke up last night, heard a vehicle out on the street. I ran downstairs just in time to see it driving away- red lights on a black chassis, big tires….military grade? Nobody drives anything like that around here…”

“Fuck! They took Embry, the healer off main street! She lived a few houses away. I’m calling a town meeting. Something has to be done!”

“People were properly outraged. And they should be! There aren’t a lot of us and we have to stick together. We’re posting night watches until we figure out what’s going on.”

“Jack, one of the men from the watch last night, disappeared. He used bodily magic to work on the oil rigs… His nightwatch partner, Sarah, doesn’t remember a damn thing- they must have been knocked out from behind. Why did they leave her but take him?”

“I’ve got it! The magic users! They’re taking all the magic users! But…I’m the only magic user left in town! They’re coming for me next! They’ll come for me and there’s NOT A THING we can do to stop them! Wait, I know! I’ll go into the desert! They won’t find me out there! Well, I guess I’ll have to take this with me so they don’t find it.”

“Stupidest. Fucking. Idea. You’re in the middle of nowhere, on your way to the next settlement out. Low on water, still have some food left though. Can’t go near the roads or they might find me. Being a lightning mage seems really useless right about now…”

“I take it back! some damn insectoids attacked but I showed them a thing or two between my shotgun and my lightning! So hungry and thirsty…There’s nothing else around here, so I gotta do what I gotta do, but damn those bugs taste like hell!”

Sytasia: Chapter 5

“I found the box near a bunch of Insectoids… I’m afraid this sheriff met his end there.” Vance said. “But it sounds like there might be someone out after magic folk. Or this could have just been a crazed man.”

“No, I had met him.” Agatha said. “He wasn’t crazy when I saw him last.”

“What’s the plan then?” Vance asked.

“Good question.” She took the last bite of her dinner, and set her spoon down before sitting back in her chair, deep in thought. “Well, we don’t know if Pickington was the only place that got hit like this, or if there were others. I guess my point is we aren’t sure if they’ll come here or not, or when if they do.”

“Our best bet might be to stick together, maybe try to contact the other settlements nearby and see if they’ve had similar issues.” Vance offered. “But that doesn’t really solve anything if they come here after us.”

“Everyone else they went after was asleep, caught unawares. We’ll be ready for them… that is if you can fight as hard as an old woman?”

“Ha!” Vance snorted. “Alright, fine. I’ll head out tomorrow at dawn and see how many of the other settlements I can hit, try to be back here by dusk.”

“Trisha, you’re going to have to stay here tonight. Can you inform your aunt tomorrow that we may need to take a vacation?”

Trisha nodded, took Agatha’s empty dishes.
“Did you have enough?”
“Yes, dear.”

The group went to sleep, the ladies upstairs in the loft and Vance downstairs on the couch. It was light sleep for Vance- he had never slept here before, and a place was different when you tried to sleep there but hadn’t before. He woke up with a jolt when he heard a vehicle outside. No way. This isn’t happening!

Vance ran up to the loft as quickly but quietly as he could, and shook Agatha awake in her bed.
Agatha reached up and slapped him.
Trisha was asleep in a nearby reclined chair.
His cheek still stinging, Vance asked “Agatha, I heard something outside. Are you ready?”
“Stop it now, you’ll make an old lady blush.”

There was a rumbling at the front door. They were trying to pick the lock. “Ha, watch them try.” Agatha whispered. “I’d like to see them pick an artificer’s lock. Let’s sneak out the back and meet them.”

They were trying to get in through the back door too. Agatha got out a taser. Vance readied his blaster.
“Let’s keep them alive for questioning.”
Vance nodded and switched to stun.

Agatha opened the back door, and made it appear as though an insectoid was just inside, about to charge out. Three figures in black uniforms quickly backed off the door. Agatha and Vance unexpectedly came out after. Agatha immediately pounced at one and hit her electrical shock device against their abdomen. Vance quickly gunned two of them down.

The guards at the front heard the commotion and kicked the front door in before charging in the shop towards the back. Vance and Agatha turned around and closed themselves up to the back door. “Vance, stay here if they try to run out this way.” Agatha made an illusion of thick mist appear inside the house before going in, hitting the soldiers inside with her taser before they knew she was close.

Agatha cleared the mist and Vance came into the front atrium. “Nice work.”

A robot spider with blade arms burst through the front door and was inches from the two of them, but stopped in mid air. They hesitated before hearing “I can’t hold it long. Do something!” The legs started to twitch. Vance sliced at it with his sword, but the metal on metal did little damage. Agatha pushed her taser into the sensor area of the robot, and it convulsed as electricity fried its inner circuitry.

Sytasia: Chapter 6

“Trisha, I do believe you just proper saved our asses.” Vance said.

The soldiers were bound, disarmed, and put into the center of the room, back to back. “Tell us what we want to know, and we’ll go easy on you.” Vance said.


Sytasia: Chapter 7

System booting…initializing…
Communication systems online.
Test. “Hello, this unit is named L17. How may I serve you?”
Motor control systems online.
Integrity test…
The robot that looked like metal and wire covered with aesthetic white faceplates stood up from its squatting storage position.

Sytasia 2.0, Chapter 1

Tyson Braddock, a man in an expensive suit with brown hair and eyes and a trim beard, poured champagne for himself and his wife. Sarah was a gorgeous blonde with bright green eyes, in a sleek white dress.
“Max, do you want any?” Braddock turned to his personal body guard and friend, Max Cybernaut, who was wearing the newest iteration of the Dexterity line of Braddock exosuits.
“No thank you, sir!”
“Always on guard…” Tyson chuckled to himself. “Very well. Eve?” Tyson’s eyes danced as they beheld his fourteen year old daughter, blonde like his wife, but she had his brown eyes.
“Can I?”
“She’s a bit young, dear…”
“But it’s a special day!”
“Well…I suppose it is.”
The Braddock family clinked glasses and he said “We’ve done it!” before sitting back, drinking, laughing, and smiling next to them.
“After all this time you’ve finally convinced them.” Sarah said. “I knew you could!”
“The Enchanters’ Guild is taking a risk with this deal…but I’m hoping we can negotiate with the Caster’s Guild. Think about all the good it will do for the world when we can mass produce magic lamps, or healing potions! We’ve made history! As long as we’re together nothing can stop the Braddock family!”
“Eve, what’s wrong dear?” Sarah Braddock asked. Her daughter was glancing out the window.
“The street got quiet.”
Alarmed, Max shouted “Driver, ge-!” before an explosion ripped open the side of the hovercar and sent it spiraling.

Tyson saw only a bright light, and then there was ringing in his ears, the smell of smoke… Where am I? “Sarah!” His wife was on the ground, in the upside down hovercar. He turned her face up and checked her vitals. Dead? No! Tyson let out a wail and then heard gunfire hit the side of the vehicle. He dove to the ground for cover, next to her corpse. Then he shouted “Eve!”
He crawled to the opposite side of the vehicle. “Eve! Where are you!?”
His daughter was just outside, opposite the direction of the gunfire. Her forehead was cut open, but the wound was superficial.
A woman wearing a long black coat strode around the side of the vehicle and fire started to form in her hands, but then she dropped to the ground dead at the sound of gunfire. The Braddocks turned around to see Max aiming his gun at one of their would-be assassins!
“This way sir, quickly! It isn’t safe here!”
Tyson nodded and ran, grabbing his daughter’s hand, but Eve wasn’t moving. She was in shock, her legs just wouldn’t go. “Eve, we have to move!” She turned to him as if she was just awoken from a trance.
“Sir, get down!” Max jumped on Tyson just as the hovercar’s containment field exploded. Tyson was more prepared this time and covered his ears instinctively. After the wave of heat he immediately ran to his daughter, who was lying nearby.
“Dad…” She groaned, weakly. A jagged shard of metal protruded from her abdomen.
Max started trading fire with more would-be assassins across the street. “Sir, we need to go now!”
Tyson scooped up Eve, who’s small arms wrapped around his neck weakly. “It hurts.”
“I know baby.”
Tyson Braddock ran, his suit stained with blood, sprinted down the block and into an alleyway opposite the street the gunfire was coming from. Max was behind them, constantly firing back against the enemy. Some stray bullets hit his plasma shield. A bolt of lightning missed them and hit the wall nearby, sending brick and a cloud of dust spilling into the alleyway.

They got out the other side just as Braddock security forces arrived on scene. They started fighting the armed forces in the alleyway as Max, Tyson, and his daughter loaded onto an armored hovercar and lifted up above the streets and higher than the buildings. They nearly missed a streak of lightning cast at them before speeding off towards Braddock Tower.

“Hold on Eve, we’re almost there!” Tyson said as the tower came into view. He held in his arms the weak life of his daughter, her face smeared with blood and it falling down from her red-stained hair in droplets. He grabbed a health potion and poured it over her wound, and it fizzed as it clotted over the area, but he knew it was better to wait and pull out that shrapnel in an operating room with professional medical care. Even health potions had their limits.

Finally they land, get Eve on a stretcher, rush her into the elevator, down to the medbay. They operate for two hours. Tyson waits, outside the curtain, watching. His hands are covered in dried blood, Max nearby, not taking off his helmet, refusing to leave his side.

Just hold on Eve. Please God! Tears streak down his face.

“Sir,” A doctor said “We’ve removed most of the shrapnel, but she’s lost a lot of blood, and there is damage to her spinal cord, and most of her major organs…”

Tyson didn’t look at the man speaking, his eyes were locked on his daughter.

“Sir…she hasn’t got a lot of time… If you need to say something I’d suggest you do it now.”

Tyson walked over to his daughter, stifling a sob. She’s going to die?
He forces himself to smile at her. “Hey baby.”
Eve manages a tired "Hey dad.’ Then she coughs violently.
“Shhh…” He brushes her head. “It’s okay now. You’re gonna be just fine.”
“Where’s…mo-” She suddenly went limp, dark blood ran out of her mouth and onto the white cloth of the operating table. There was the long-winded beep of zero pulse.

No, I won’t lose you too! A dark expression of determination over his face, Tyson ran, wheeling the operating table with his daughter through the hallway and to the elevator. The doctor’s cries of protest hardly have any meaning. Max is on the elevator too.

Tyson’s shaky fingers, covered in his daughter’s blood, press a button on the elevator and it takes them out of the MedBay.

He runs out and into the laboratory, his laboratory, the place of top of the line technology, things never before seen. He puts Eve into the adult-sized plastic chamber, her red blood staining the white walls and floor. He straps a few basic monitors to her, then closes the chamber.
“Sir, it’s only in prototype…” Max cautioned.
“I don’t care!” Tyson pulls the switch, a manual switch. Heavy manual switches are only used for things you want to be sure about. A dark swirling cloud of nanobots enters the chamber, swarms around Eve’s corpse. They enter her wounds, permeate her body.
“Computer.” Braddock commanded, and a holocomputer projected in front of him. He checks her life signs. None. Are the bots working? They’re showing activity…but that could just be their movement…
Fifteen minutes pass. Still no life signs. Beads of sweat form on Tyson’s forehead. Please work!
Ten more minutes. Now the robots aren’t showing much activity…still no life signs.
“Just give it a minute.”
“She’ll be fine!”
“She’s dead, Tyson.”
“No!” Tyson yelled and he slammed his fists through the holocomputer, which fizzled out. He breaks down, collapses on the floor weeping. “No! No! No! Oh God!”

Tyson wakes up covered in sweat. How many more times must I relive it? Nightmares about days from over seven years ago… He won’t sleep again even though it’s before dawn. “Computer.” A green hologram of symbols and letters appeared before him in the air, projected from the wall. A holoscreen projected in front of him. He touched the screen to select his most recent project. After ten hours of sitting and typing in bed it was finally finished- five years of work had led to this moment. The newest software model, able to learn in simulation! The screen displayed: “Download into prototype unit…complete.” “Bringing prototype unit online…complete.” “Select region of deployment…Badlands, sector E14.” A video monitor showed the machine’s point of view, walking in the slightly jarring way machines typically did.

A small icon showed Eve was watching it as well. He pressed it, and her face appeared. She had grown up so much. “I like this one, daddy.” “You think it can work?” “Mmhmm…daddy have you eaten yet today?” “Huh? Oh… Haha, guess I forgot… Want to get something?” “That would be nice. How about some Ramen?” “Okay sweetie, be right there.” Tyson unplugged the power cable from his back and got out of the bed.

Sytasia 2.0, Chapter 2

Trisha, Agatha, and Vance are living in the Badlands, and get attacked by L17.

1. Show the characters/personalities of Trisha/Agatha/Vance

a. Trisha’s personality- very bubbly/happy/optimistic despite bad circumstances (holds onto this attitude because it’s all she has left of her parents- it’s how they taught her to be). Charismatic, moral compass.
Appearance- 17yr old human, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes.
Fighting abilities- a very powerful telekinetic. (lack of experience though)

Agatha’s personality- a grumpy old woman who actually cares about Trisha and Vance but puts on a facade of disliking them. Intelligent, wise.
Agatha’s appearance- 80yr old elf, blonde hair, green eyes, appears younger due to illusion she puts on
Fighting abilities- can create illusions (light/sound)

c. Vance’s personality- veteran of the Caster Wars, a bit quiet, more of an action than words kind of guy. Very willing to do what is necessary even if he doesn’t enjoy it, such as reading someone else’s diary, eating the remains of a human to survive, etc. Very practical, resourceful.
Vance’s appearance- 30yrs old human. black, blue eyes.
Fighting abilities- cybernetic arm with pop-out blade, body magic, experienced enough to direct strategy

2. Show the plight of the hunted casters, topped off by the attack of L17
3. “Guess this spot isn’t safe anymore. Where do we go now?”
4. Caravan- Muse and Oracle? Give direction to Forest realm, ruled by Arcturus?
5. World-building: show the Badlands


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