Sytasia: Chapter 5

“I found the box near a bunch of Insectoids… I’m afraid this sheriff met his end there.” Vance said. “But it sounds like there might be someone out after magic folk. Or this could have just been a crazed man.”

“No, I had met him.” Agatha said. “He wasn’t crazy when I saw him last.”

“What’s the plan then?” Vance asked.

“Good question.” She took the last bite of her dinner, and set her spoon down before sitting back in her chair, deep in thought. “Well, we don’t know if Pickington was the only place that got hit like this, or if there were others. I guess my point is we aren’t sure if they’ll come here or not, or when if they do.”

“Our best bet might be to stick together, maybe try to contact the other settlements nearby and see if they’ve had similar issues.” Vance offered. “But that doesn’t really solve anything if they come here after us.”

“Everyone else they went after was asleep, caught unawares. We’ll be ready for them… that is if you can fight as hard as an old woman?”

“Ha!” Vance snorted. “Alright, fine. I’ll head out tomorrow at dawn and see how many of the other settlements I can hit, try to be back here by dusk.”

“Trisha, you’re going to have to stay here tonight. Can you inform your aunt tomorrow that we may need to take a vacation?”

Trisha nodded, took Agatha’s empty dishes.
“Did you have enough?”
“Yes, dear.”

The group went to sleep, the ladies upstairs in the loft and Vance downstairs on the couch. It was light sleep for Vance- he had never slept here before, and a place was different when you tried to sleep there but hadn’t before. He woke up with a jolt when he heard a vehicle outside. No way. This isn’t happening!

Vance ran up to the loft as quickly but quietly as he could, and shook Agatha awake in her bed.
Agatha reached up and slapped him.
Trisha was asleep in a nearby reclined chair.
His cheek still stinging, Vance asked “Agatha, I heard something outside. Are you ready?”
“Stop it now, you’ll make an old lady blush.”

There was a rumbling at the front door. They were trying to pick the lock. “Ha, watch them try.” Agatha whispered. “I’d like to see them pick an artificer’s lock. Let’s sneak out the back and meet them.”

They were trying to get in through the back door too. Agatha got out a taser. Vance readied his blaster.
“Let’s keep them alive for questioning.”
Vance nodded and switched to stun.

Agatha opened the back door, and made it appear as though an insectoid was just inside, about to charge out. Three figures in black uniforms quickly backed off the door. Agatha and Vance unexpectedly came out after. Agatha immediately pounced at one and hit her electrical shock device against their abdomen. Vance quickly gunned two of them down.

The guards at the front heard the commotion and kicked the front door in before charging in the shop towards the back. Vance and Agatha turned around and closed themselves up to the back door. “Vance, stay here if they try to run out this way.” Agatha made an illusion of thick mist appear inside the house before going in, hitting the soldiers inside with her taser before they knew she was close.

Agatha cleared the mist and Vance came into the front atrium. “Nice work.”

A robot spider with blade arms burst through the front door and was inches from the two of them, but stopped in mid air. They hesitated before hearing “I can’t hold it long. Do something!” The legs started to twitch. Vance sliced at it with his sword, but the metal on metal did little damage. Agatha pushed her taser into the sensor area of the robot, and it convulsed as electricity fried its inner circuitry.


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