Sytasia: Chapter 4

“Terrance, the old firemage from down the way hasn’t been heard from in over a week. People are starting to get worried, so I went up to check on him. His front door was broken in, and there were scorch marks. Looks like there was some kind of struggle… Some days being sheriff is a bad day… Nothing in the crime scene is compelling evidence as to who did it…could have just been a damn Insectoid.”

“Just woke up, can’t go back to sleep. Thought about it more. Definitely not an insectoid. It would have been messier. There wasn’t any blood anywhere, and no body. Plus it looks like somebody put out a fire that must have been started when Terrance cast a spell…”

“Asked around town today, sounds like somebody thought they heard something drive through about a week ago, but they thought not much of it…
I’m not sure about motive here. Terrance was not a rich man, what money he had wasn’t stolen, and he wasn’t the type to have a lot of enemies… Why would someone drive all the way here just to take him out? It doesn’t make sense…”

“Woke up last night, heard a vehicle out on the street. I ran downstairs just in time to see it driving away- red lights on a black chassis, big tires….military grade? Nobody drives anything like that around here…”

“Fuck! They took Embry, the healer off main street! She lived a few houses away. I’m calling a town meeting. Something has to be done!”

“People were properly outraged. And they should be! There aren’t a lot of us and we have to stick together. We’re posting night watches until we figure out what’s going on.”

“Jack, one of the men from the watch last night, disappeared. He used bodily magic to work on the oil rigs… His nightwatch partner, Sarah, doesn’t remember a damn thing- they must have been knocked out from behind. Why did they leave her but take him?”

“I’ve got it! The magic users! They’re taking all the magic users! But…I’m the only magic user left in town! They’re coming for me next! They’ll come for me and there’s NOT A THING we can do to stop them! Wait, I know! I’ll go into the desert! They won’t find me out there! Well, I guess I’ll have to take this with me so they don’t find it.”

“Stupidest. Fucking. Idea. You’re in the middle of nowhere, on your way to the next settlement out. Low on water, still have some food left though. Can’t go near the roads or they might find me. Being a lightning mage seems really useless right about now…”

“I take it back! some damn insectoids attacked but I showed them a thing or two between my shotgun and my lightning! So hungry and thirsty…There’s nothing else around here, so I gotta do what I gotta do, but damn those bugs taste like hell!”


sawesel sawesel

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