Sytasia: Chapter 3

Agatha heard that damned hoverbike arrive outside her shop again.

“Vance!” Trisha exclaimed and bounded out the door, dropping the books she was reorganizing using levitation.

I know he means well…but I can’t stand that he interrupts Trisha’s studies…or I’m just jealous of the attention… Agatha sighed and smiled. “Guess I really do care about her.” She got up and stretched Still spry for an old lady… before pacing towards the door after Trisha. She didn’t get there before Vance walked in with Trisha giggling and bounding in tow.

“Well shit! What’s that green shit you’re covered in? You’re going to get it all over my shop you damn fool!”

Vance ignored her protests and held out a metal lockbox. “Found this in the desert, can’t get it open.”

Agatha narrowed her eyes, looked him, then the box, then back to him. “Found it in the desert, you say?”

“Yup…Hey don’t look at me like that! I’ve been on hard times and you know I don’t steal.”

Agatha swiped the box from his hand and grumbled up a storm under her breath as she went to her artificing workbench. “…Green shit all over my house…Bother us at night…” Before she started she turned to Vance “I get half of whatever’s inside, ya hear?” Vance nodded. Agatha continued grumbling, less because she was genuinely agitated and more because she liked to agitate Vance “Damn thing could be booby-trapped…Swear if I die opening this thing I’ll kill him…” Finally the box clicked open. Vance and Trisha crowded around the desk to either side of Agatha, and the contents glowed at them so their faces lit up.

Inside were three energy crystals: one red, one blue, and one green. And a few gold coins. There was also a book underneath them…

Agatha: “Well, you said I get half, so I’ll take two of those crystals. You can keep the book and one of them.”

Vance: “The crystals are clearly worth more than the book… Trisha should get one of them. That way we each get one.”

Agatha: Damn. That’s what I was going to do… “Fine. I was gonna give one to her anyway.”

Trisha took the green one. “Ooo, I like it.” She said, smiling, holding the pretty green jewel in her fingers so it caught the light. It was a hexagonal prism, twice as long as wide, the size of a cork.

Wordlessly, Vance took the blue, which was shorter and wider than the green, turned it over in his hand for a quick look, and pocketed it.

Agatha took the red, which was in the shape of a triangular prism, and inspected it closely under her glasses before closing it in her fist.

Vance picked up the book and started flipping through it. Trisha asked Agatha to make a necklace to hold her new Magic Crystal, and Agatha obliged, quickly making necklaces for them both with gold colored chains. Vance requested the same, but with a silver colored chain. Meanwhile Trisha whipped up dinner: chicken stew and dumplings.

“Will you get your nose out of that book at the dinner table?” Agatha complained at Vance.

Vance sighed and marked his place before putting it down.

“What is it?” Trisha asked.

V: “A diary.”
T: “You shouldn’t be reading someone else’s diary!”
V: “Even if they’re dead?”
T: “We don’t even know if they’re dead.”
V: “Oh, I bet he is… listen to this.” He picked it up and started reading from it..


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