Sytasia: Chapter 2

Vance kicked his hoverbike into park and idled levitating on top of the dune. His dark grey cloak billowed a bit in the wind. There, almost buried by sand and dust something metal was glinting a few yards away. He hesitated…normally he could sense it when things weren’t right and he had this feeling like an itch on his neck…
Four Insectoid creatures burst from the sand, each about the size of a horse, but they had the shape of large dark brown beetles, with pincer mouths and claws. Vance wasted no time shifting his bike into drive and rushing past them, and he narrowly avoided a razer-sharp chitinous blade arm as he did. They scuttled after him, surprisingly fast on the sand. Vance used his mirror and put his arm back and fired his laser pistol at them. Miss. Miss… Hit! One of them fell to the sand writhing in its death throes. The other three kept hot on the pursuit. Shit, clifftop ahead! He veered his hoverbike left and the insectoids gained ground on him, but not before he gunned another down. Vance was about to use his mirror to shoot another one but he saw the one in front take a great leap into the air. His heart pounding, Vance turned around and aimed his pistol up at the giant beetle eclipsing the sun, just about to land on him… bang!
Vance turned back around to steer but too late- he hit the brake, but still his bike slammed into a small wall and sent him careening forward into the sand. He rolled over a few times and blacked out for just a second… Get up! Vance rolled out of the way of an insectoid blade arm and got to his feet. His cloak was tattered now, and the hood had fallen back to reveal dark skin, a head of buzzed hair, and glowing blue eyes. Focus. He channeled his magical energy into his body mechanics. He moved faster than a human ought to be able and reached for his blaster to find an empty holster…Damn! Okay, guess I don’t have a choice… A blade unsheathed itself from under his cloak and protruded from his left arm. “Come on fucker, show me what you’re made of!”
The beetle made a clicking screech and charged at him. Vance, using Body Magic, matched its speed, blocking the flurry of the beast’s four blade’s blows with his single one, but at a point left his left arm was extended too far forward, exposed and the beetle tried to attack it. Clang! Its claw hit metal instead of flesh. Ha! Got you! Vance charged his blade into its abdomen and then slashed upward, cutting it in half. Bright green goo oozed out from the wound, and it gave muffled gurgling screeches as it died. “That arm’s already been taken, unfortunately for you…”
Luckily the bike was mostly fine, the damned thing was resilient… Unfortunately the beetle corpses were worthless- no good meat or hide on ‘em. Then Vance remembered the glinting metal from before…
He dug the small metal box out of the sand and tried to open it. _’_ Locked…Guess I’m gonna stop by Agatha’s…
The sun was starting to go down, and Vance rode off on his hoverbike over the dunes of the Badlands.


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