Sytasia 2.0, Chapter 2

Trisha, Agatha, and Vance are living in the Badlands, and get attacked by L17.

1. Show the characters/personalities of Trisha/Agatha/Vance

a. Trisha’s personality- very bubbly/happy/optimistic despite bad circumstances (holds onto this attitude because it’s all she has left of her parents- it’s how they taught her to be). Charismatic, moral compass.
Appearance- 17yr old human, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes.
Fighting abilities- a very powerful telekinetic. (lack of experience though)

Agatha’s personality- a grumpy old woman who actually cares about Trisha and Vance but puts on a facade of disliking them. Intelligent, wise.
Agatha’s appearance- 80yr old elf, blonde hair, green eyes, appears younger due to illusion she puts on
Fighting abilities- can create illusions (light/sound)

c. Vance’s personality- veteran of the Caster Wars, a bit quiet, more of an action than words kind of guy. Very willing to do what is necessary even if he doesn’t enjoy it, such as reading someone else’s diary, eating the remains of a human to survive, etc. Very practical, resourceful.
Vance’s appearance- 30yrs old human. black, blue eyes.
Fighting abilities- cybernetic arm with pop-out blade, body magic, experienced enough to direct strategy

2. Show the plight of the hunted casters, topped off by the attack of L17
3. “Guess this spot isn’t safe anymore. Where do we go now?”
4. Caravan- Muse and Oracle? Give direction to Forest realm, ruled by Arcturus?
5. World-building: show the Badlands


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